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10 August 2020

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Does Your Business Need A Website?


Every business needs a website.
Every business should have a website.
A website is now an essential business tool.

A website empowers you to promote your business to the whole world in any way you choose! You are in the driving seat. Within reason you can say what you like. Within reason you can display what you like.

A website gives you the opportunity to market and advertise your business on a level playing field. Whether you are a small start up business or a large corporation, you each have the same opportunity to reach out and impress your potential customers.

And whilst a large budget may buy a larger website, a large budget cannot guarantee success. It cannot guarantee site visitors. It cannot guarantee a preferential listing in the search engines.

A small modest website can be just as successful in marketing terms as a large corporate website. Most of today's successful dot-COM websites started as relatively small, unknown sites. Just look at the huge success of Amazon and Google, both of which had humble origins.

OK, they were in the right place at the right time and few sites are that successful. But the potential is there!

Your website, your business,
could be the next big internet success story!

But to have any chance of success, you've got to be in the race. You must have a website!

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Small Local Business with Limited Expansion Potential?

Even if your expectations are more modest or you are running a small local service with limited expansion potential, you still need a website.

Because it will provide you with an online brochure that will last for years. It can have as few or as many pages as you like. It will promote and market your business for as long as you want. It can be seen by anyone in the entire world and, more importantly for a local service, it can be seen by everyone in your own locality.

A website gives you the opportunity to have the equivalent of your own glossy brochure. OK it's online. But your potential customers can read about your business. Learn about the services you provide. Become familiar with your products. And they can print out the pages if they want and create their own brochure.

This is very powerful!

This enables you to get important information about your business into the hands of your potential customers, and you don't even have to do anything. Your website will do it for you!

And by ensuring that your contact information is clearly visible on the site, including phone number and email address, you make it easy for the customer to contact you. You can even have a Contact & Enquiry Form to make contacting you even easier. All a potential customer has to do is complete a simple online form, click send, and you will get their message almost instantly by email.

This is a great way of building a rapport with new customers. Getting to know them. Building trust. Providing them with a service. And, hopefully, turning them into long-term customers with repeat or ongoing business.

When you consider the cost of advertising in Yellow Pages, for example, where you are restricted to a relatively small advert, to a website which can have as many pages as you want, there is no comparison. Your website pages can be changed and updated whenever you want, thus the information is always fresh and up-to-date. With a lot of pages at your disposal you can really promote and market your business. And if you actually have products to sell, you can sell them directly online using a shopping cart with credit card facilities.

You can't do that in Yellow Pages or by advertising in your local weekly newspaper!

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Open for Business 24-hours a Day!

As your website will be available for viewing 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year, and can have as many or as few pages as you want, it is arguably the most cost-effective marketing and advertising tool available to your business at this time.

With over 1 billion potential customers worldwide and over 37 million in the UK alone, your website gives you the opportunity to have an online quality brochure advertising your business round the clock.

And because end users can actually search for specific products or services, most people viewing your site actually want to be there! They are actually looking for what you are offering. So if they like what they find on your website, there is a very good chance that you will turn them into customers.

Once again, this is very powerful.

Because it exists, your website automatically targets and attracts the type of customers you want. And they are the type of customers who actually want the products and services you are providing.

It's a win-win situation. They get what they want. You get what you want.

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Your 24-hour Non-Stop Sales Force!

And, if you are a retailer, a website empowers your business to sell products online twenty-four hours a day without the help of a single sales assistant. All you need is an online shopping cart with credit card facilities!

Some retailers even find that their online internet sales overtake their offline sales, turning their website into a flexible, interactive, powerful selling tool.

No other medium provides this power!
No other medium provides this flexibility!
No other medium responds instantly to your customer's needs!

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More Sales = Increased Profits

Every single enquiry from your website. Every single sale. Is an enquiry or sale you would not normally get.

As your site gets more exposure. As it becomes better known. Your site will attract more visitors. Your customer base will expand. And your enquiries and sales will increase.

So will your profits!

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What You Need To Know
A professional business website consists of 3 basic ingredients…

Domain Name

A domain name is your identity on the internet and often matches your business name, brand name or a specific product. It consists of your chosen name followed by an identifier like COM or CO.UK, and is used both as the address for your website and for email. It is also known as a web name. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Web Hosting

Before you can use your domain name - or web name if you prefer - it must be located on a special computer called a server that is permanently linked to the internet. This is known as web hosting. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Web Pages

Web pages, like this one, are what the internet is all about. They are created in such a way that different pages, products or services can be accessed by the click of a mouse. They can contain text, graphics, photos, animation, sound and even video too! A website is the term used to refer to a collection of web pages at a specific location. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Other Elements

Additional ingredients are added depending on your wishes and needs. If you want to sell online, then this will require a shopping cart to display your products and handle sales. You may also require a credit card facility.

If you have a lot of products or information, you may want to have this fed dynamically from an online database. Or you may want to have an online news facility or weblog which you can update or change any time you want. Discussion forums and special members only sections are also popular.

You can even allow site visitors to download content from your website in the form of executable programs, music or PDF-files.

Flash movies can provide interesting animation effects, whilst sound files, music and video can also provide variety for your site.

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